Time again for “The Next Generation”!

Each month, one of our Partner organisations, the Adam Smith Institute, invites under-30s to meet at its Westminster offices for free drinks, networking with like-minded libertarians and a short talk by whoever interesting is in town. Sign up to May’s TNG with Mark Wallace on “picking apart the campaign carnage”!

You can view and sign up to the event on Facebook here.



Election night party

ballot box photo- election party

Next term Hayek Society, in Partnership with The Oxford Forum, will be running an election night party to watch the results come in. All are welcome and there will be no charge. Just turn up for as long as you like and watch political history unfold. Feel free to bring along alcohol either to celebrate or drown out the pain, depending on the results.

View and join the event here.

Dr. Stephen Davies: An Introduction to Libertarian Economic Thought

Join us next week, when the Institute of Economic Affairs’s Dr. Davies will be giving us an overview of modern libertarian economics.
Steve Davies is Education Director at the IEA. Previously he was program officer at the Institute for Humane Studies (IHS) at George Mason University in Virginia. He joined IHS from the UK where he was Senior Lecturer in the Department of History and Economic History at Manchester Metropolitan University. He has also been a Visiting Scholar at the Social Philosophy and Policy Center at Bowling Green State University, Ohio. A historian, he graduated from St. Andrews University in 1976 and gained his PhD from the same institution in 1984. He has authored several books, including Empiricism and History (Palgrave Macmillan, 2003) and was co-editor with Nigel Ashford of The Dictionary of Conservative and Libertarian Thought (Routledge, 1991).
This lecture is jointly hosted by the Oxford Economics Society and the Oxford Hayek Society.

Sign up to the event via Facebook here.

New Committee for 2014/15

We are happy to announce that the Hayek Society has a new Committee for the academic year 2014/15:

Nicholas Wong, St Peter’s College

Noah Carl, Nuffield College
Kes Daood, Christ Church                                                                                                Lydia Ellis, St. Anne’s College (Treasurer)
Alex Young, Lincoln College