Why We Still Need to Read Hayek? Let’s Discuss!

Being a Hayek Society, we are starting a series of discussions on Friedrich Hayek’s heritage. Our initial meeting will be dedicated to The Road to Serfdom, the book that became a powerful and influential manifesto for many generations of classical liberals.

Hayek warns of the danger of tyranny that inevitably results from central planning. Now that the global anti-liberalism, both in its leftist and rightist version, is on the rise, how can we avoid ‘the road to serfdom’?

  • What’s wrong with central planning?
  • Can we have political liberty without having economic freedom?
  • Why socialist ideas are so appealing to intellectuals?
  • How does propaganda help dictators survive?
  • What can a book written half-a-century ago teach us about the world we live in?

Let’s discuss! We encourage you to (re-)read The Road To Serfdom, at least partially, and prepare your thoughts and questions. FREE BOOKS from the Institute of Economic Affairs will be waiting for you.

Date: Friday, 17th Feb (Week 5), 5.30 pm.

Location: Deakin Room, St. Antony’s College

After the discussion, we can have a dinner at St. Antony’s College for £4.50 only and then go on a Friday’s pub crawl!